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Amir John Haddad - EL AMIR “El Amir is the great promoter and a driving force of the music with Mediterranean and Flamenco emotion. He is a soulful musician, a melting pot of cultures and races, with an enormous creativity, able to transmit generously new emotions to contribute to world harmony.” El Amir is a multi ethnic musician, a multi instrumentalist, composer, arranger, musical director, producer and maestro. In nowadays flamenco scene he is considered to be one of the best concert guitarists due to his personality, maturity, sound and own style. El Amir is one of the most versatile musicians this world. He plays flamenco guitar and Arabic oud since he was seven years old and has performed already for thirty years on stage. Along his extensive career, he has learned how to play traditional Mediterranean instruments such as Greek bouzouki or Turkish saz besides instruments such as electric guitar, banjo, and bass among others being a virtuoso on each of them. El Amir was born in Freiburg (Germany) and has developed an interest for many music styles such as Flamenco, Arabic music, Rock, Fusion, Worldmusic, Folk, Indian music, Electronic music, Funk, etc. El Amir plays flamenco guitar and oud since he was seven years old. He studied with his father Rimon Haddad in private classes and in 1997 when he moved to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain he continued his private studies with renowned flamenco maestros like Pepe Justicia and Enrique de Melchor. In 1998 he moves to Madrid and becomes a permanent member of the legendary and famous Spanish World-music band Radio Tarifa with whom he toured worldwide for ten years. In 1999 he wins the 1st prize for best musical and original composition at the 8th National Competition of Choreographies for Classical and Flamenco Dance in Madrid. El Amir has released two flamenco guitar albums “Pasando Por Tabernas” (2006) under German label Double Moon and “9 Guitarras” (2013) under Galileo Music. Further with his World-music band Zoobazar “Uno” (2011) and “Dos” (2014). He also appears on three Latin Grammy Nominated albums: “Fiebre” by Radio Tarifa (2004), “Chambao” (2012) and “Nuevo Ciclo” by Chambao (2016) El Amir has collaborated with a very long list of renowned artists: Radio Tarifa, Chambao, Marcus Miller, Juno Reactor (Matrix), Kroke (Steven Spielberg), Maria Dolores Pradera, Jorge Pardo (ex Paco de Lucia), Carmen Paris, Joaquin Sabina, Josemi Carmona (Ketama), Enrique de Melchor, Shankar Mahadevan (John McLaughlin-Shakti), just to name a few of them. He has toured through Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc performing at many very renowned venues such as Royal Albert Hall (London), Zellerbach Hall (Oakland) Boston Majestic Theatre (Boston), Town Hall (New York), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Jaipur Literature Festival (India), Guitar Festival Cordoba (Spain), and many more… Just recently, El Amir has been selected to become part of the new show “Canción Andaluza” by Paco de Lucia to perform the maestro's posthumous album “live” for the first time together with his nephew and guitarist Jose Maria Bandera. El Amir has made the first arrangement and adaptation for Bouzouki of Vivaldi’s Concerto in C major for mandolin and made a world debut in Madrid at the National Music Auditorium together with outstanding musicians and members of Spain’s National Orchestra. El Amir is a musician, composer, arranger and producer as well as one of the most outstanding flamenco guitar soloists of our time.

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Flamenco, Classical music, Rock, Arabic Music, Indian Classical music, Funk, Rap, Folk, Jazz, Soul, African music, Salsa, Electronic music, Southamerican Folklore, World music, Heavy Metal, and many many more...!!

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El Amir


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