Versailles, France

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Digital technologist with more than 20 years of experience in online services and innovations both in Major Groups and Start-ups.
I developed a 360° Expertise in Digital (ideas generation, project development, technical and coding expertise, market development) with a focus on disruptive process and new business development.

Cofounder and CDO of the LALO ASSOCIATION ( http://www.lalo.pro )

Lalo is a professional association formed by over 40 Top composers and songwriters in France.
Lalo has developed a unique patented technology that create a "Virtual Music Market Network" to impact how music professionals will work and earn their living.

Targetting the different genres of music composition, Lalo signed strategic partnerships with LyricFinds ( The World's Largest Lyric Licensing Service ) for Popular Music, with CDMC ( Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine ) for Art & Contemporary Music and work with SACEM, SNAC and more than 100 indies and editors in France.

Lalo joined the ECSA Association in 2017 to help "empowering Creators in the Digital Age".

CEO Fleepit Labs ( http://www.fleepit.com )

Fleepit Labs is a technology company specialized in dematerialization processing solutions with customers in Health, Law, Finance, Industry, Press, Culture and Jobs.

We develop and license patented technologies to clients and partners worldwide and we support TPE/PME/Professionnals in France in determining their needs and objectives in terms of digital transformation.

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