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Award-Winning Film Composer Darryl John Hannan is a rising talent in the film and media industry. He has worked on a myriad of projects ranging from a variety of feature films such as the bittersweet romantic drama ‘Kept Boy’, the darker thriller of ‘Twenty Five’, to the full octane, action packed ‘Grimsby RV’ to Corporate Commercials for the UEA, OCR and Forward. A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, achieving first class honours in Commercial Composition and Technology, Darryl is innovative and meticulous in his scoring. Darryl is the director and majority shareholding of DJH Composer Ltd. Spearheading our expansion into the London and Los Angeles film circles has shown Darryl to be a seasoned veteran and highly sought after talent in the film music industry. His musical roots are set in rock music and his first venture into writing music was in bands at the age of twelve. Through over a decade of combined musical training, Darryl has since gained expert knowledge of cinematic music, orchestration and production. This juxtaposition of classical and rock influences gives his music it’s distinctive soul. He boasts a unique, fresh sound and approach to film scoring. Darryl is represented by the immensely experienced agent John Doyle; affiliated with Innovation Arts and BOM Media,

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