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My name is David Samuel Baltuch. I was born in Rumania. My family then moved to Israel where we stayed for 5 years. We then moved to Brussels, Belgium. I learned playing guitar and piano, focusing on the latter professionnally. I studied at the Brussels Conservatoire (piano, solfeggio, written harmony, counterpoint, fugue, chamber music, orchestration and orchestral conducting). I also earned a Diplom at the École Normale de Paris in orchestral conducting, a intermediate degree in choral conducting with the ABCD (Association of British Choral Directors) and finally a PhD at the Birmingham City University for a thesis analysing the phenomenon of orchestral conducting. I performed in several countries as a pianist (solo and chamber music) and as a conductor (choral and orchestral). I also composed several works for piano solo and various ensemble. I now prepare a solo piece for piano (Factory) and a work for piano percussion and voice (Ici et Maintenant). Further projects include a symphony (Océans), an Oratorio (Les tribulations de l'Âme) and an opera (Robert Maxwell, A Destiny). I also enjoy giving lectures about the musical phenomenon, although I try to carefully balance this activity against my work as a musician.

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My musical taste spans all periods (Monteverdi to Stockhausen) and the entire cultural spectrum (from the so called 'classical music' to Jazz, world music and Rock'n Roll).

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