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I am a composer and songwriter living in North London. Looking to collaborate with up-and-coming singers and ensembles.

Favourite Music:

Most things: Jazz (cool, fusion, Indian, Latin, rock), African (in order of preference: 70s Nigerian underground, early kwela/mbaqana, Senegalese/Malian of the Orchestra Baobab era, Congolese esp. Tabuley Rochereau, SE Rogie); I like Latin music (samba, salsa, cumbia...) and as with African music, the oldies are the goodies; same with ska, rock steady and reggae; mariachi music, soukous, calypso, Irish trad, klesmers and other Balkan stuff, early/baroque, classical/romantic, modern classical, rock n roll (in the big sense: 60s, 70s, hard rock, prog, glam, punk/new wave, indie...), disco/funk... there's no music that I don't like though I'm finding djent a bit hard to understand.

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