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After almost 1000 concerts in his musical scabbard, Falk Zenker has now released his fourth solo album, Falkenflug (Falcon’s Flight). The title is perfectly suited to the CD, especially after the first cut. Because Zenker’s music is indeed like the flight of a falcon. His musical images soar through space lightly, nobly, and almost weightlessly. Playfully, he explores all the possibilities of the guitar, he stalks, watches, and strikes suddenly with great speed, dynamically and with skillful turns. Zenker’s compositions combine elements of jazz and classical with loans from South American music, medieval music and new sounds. Strung together, this produces a completely new musical language. He demonstrates his profound ability to interpret music in various ways with special versions of “Es geht ein dunkle Wolk‘ herein“ (“A Dark Cloud Is Rolling In”) and a chorale by Hildegard von Bingen. But this experienced guitar player creates his own personal sonorities not only with his technical and deeply emotional playing. Zenker also expands his sonorous spectrum by using various additional auditory effects. He generates percussive elements with his guitar, samples them skillfully using live looping and then weaves them back into a steadily densifying sound fabric, upon which he spreads his melodies, adding improvised elements to the mix. When you decide to take off with the Falcon’s Flight, Zenker will whisk you away to heavenly sounds, open new perspectives and expand your musical vistas. About The music of this studied guitarist blends elements of jazz, classical, flamenco, medieval and world music with improvisation and experimental modern sounds, resulting in his own unique musical language. Zenker combines virtuoso acoustic guitar-playing with a variety of unusual instruments, noises, sounds and live electronics, to create imaginary spaces bursting with music both fanciful and vivid. Falk Zenker tours with a variety of concert projects, has released several CDs, composes for film and tv, and has created a number of sound installations and multi-media projects. "He takes his listeners by the hand and leads them into almost unbelievable aural worlds… Falk Zenker’s musical presentation gave the listeners a new definition of the guitar concert." Naumburger Tageblatt, 21.03.97 Zenker's guitar sounds like an orchestra. Leipziger Volkszeitung, 2000 Bert Noglik Filigrane miniatures of magical transparency and virtuoso sound collages. Weimarer Kulturjournal 2002 His tremendous technique allows him to realise everything that springs to his fertile and effervescent musical imagination. Jazzpodium 2002 Estampie , You Tube The courtly dances of the french „Manuscript du Roi“ date back to the 13th century and are the oldest existing instrumental music of the Occident. Falk Zenker delivers them with a spirited improvisational flair and sensitive talk ativity into the here and now. Falk Zenker´s new interpretation of the „Estampies Royales“ radiates the force, vigour and modernity which one would normally associate with a contemporary guitarrist such as Ralph Towner. … only very occassionaly does one hear music so simultaneously fresh, ambitious, igniting and in every aspect absolutely timeless. Fantastic! Akustik Gitarre, Michael Lohr, 06/07 14 The balancing act between early music, Folk and improvised Jazz is superbly achieved ... After Anouar Brahem and Michel Godard, the Ensemble Nu:n gives new dynamic. Pure enjoyment, powerful yet subtle. Jazzpodium, Alexander Schmitz, 09/14 Biography: Falk Zenker, born in 1967 in Mittweida in Saxony (then East Germany), studied concert guitar and jazz at the Weimar Conservatory. He focused on flamenco (in Andalusia) and world music, medieval music (at the Benedictine monastery in Plankstetten) and electro-acoustical music (SeaM Weimar). In the 1990s, he toured Germany and other countries with Singer/Composer Oscar Andrade (Chile), amongst others, and the Trio Romero (flamenco, in Spain and Germany). He currently lives and works in Kapellendorf near Weimar, writes soundtracks for films and television, music for the stage, produces sound installations and multi-art projects. He concertizes regularly with, amongst others, his Ensemble Nu:n (medieval music and modern improvisation), released the CDs "Salutare" (2006) and “Estampie”(2014) with Raumklang. Since 1997, Falk Zenker has been giving solo concerts and has so far released the CDs "Landschaften”/ “Landscapes" (2000), "Cinema" (2002),"Gedankenreise”/ “A Journey Of Thoughts" (2009) and “Falkenflug”/“Falcon´s Flight” (2017) with Acoustic Music.


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