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Composer, organist, choir director, pedagogue. Composer since a. 1965 of vocal and instrumental chamber music, orchestral works with or without soloists or choir, solo pieces for voice or instrument, and a number of choral works with or without accompaniment, for mixed choir as well as treble choir. A few of the compositions include aleatoric notation, with optical/graphical notations. My musical interests include live concert music from Medieval Gregorian chant, over Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism - with a special inclinaion towards French romanticism - and Modernism to the ahistorical Eclecticism of today's mosaic musical scenes. This can be seen in my oeuvre as a change of focus from time to time, and for the last decade a special focus as a composer has been on female choir, especially the competent, advanced amateur girls choir. More information at my website.

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