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Johan Hoogewijs studied at the Brussels film-school R.I.T.S, and started his piano-studies at the Conservatory of Leuven. Later on, he participated at several jazz-workshops at the Conservatory of Liège. As a composer Hoogewijs is an autodidact. His styles differ as he composes for film and TV since the 80’s: pop, jazz, electronic compositions but also classical and contemporary works for orchestra. His diversity, which characterizes his music, is appreciated by producers and directors in Belgium and the Netherlands. Still, his typical musical touch is recognized by many listeners. Apart from his work for radio, television and film, he also made music for several modern dance choreographers.( Bud Blumenthal/ Michèle Noiret) He created hundreds of jingles for the public Belgian network (BRT1- BRT2- STUDIO BRUSSEL- RADIO1). He composed for several documentaries, short movies and highly appreciated and successful drama-series as LANGS DE KADE, NIET VOOR PUBLICATIE, HETERDAAD and WITSE , RUSSEN and DEADLINE, DE VIJFHOEK for Belgian and Dutch TV. More then 300 episodes of drama-series gives him a lot of experience and insight in composing for the image. He worked with several known orchestra’s in Belgium and Holland and worked on several occasions with TOOTS THIELEMANS as a harmonica soloist, also on a few liveconcert-occasions. Dutch feature films: WINKY’S HORSE, WHERE IS WINKY’S HORSE?,(Mischa Kamp) BLOODBROTHERS( Bloedbroeders)( Arno Dierickx), LIFE IN ONE DAY( Het leven uit een dag)(Mark De Cloe) and DON’T TOUCH MY CHILDREN(Kom niet aan mijn kinderen)( Ron Termaat). COOL KIDS DON’T CRY”(Achtste groepers huilen niet) ( Dennis Bots). “HIGH HEELS, LOW TIDE” ( Weekend aan zee) Ilse Somers), The girl with the nine wigs ( Germany-Marc Rothemund) W. Witse de film ( Frank Van Mechelen), Dance ( Hans Op de Beeck) Woozle and Pip (Dutch animationfilm). Hoogewijs also performs on stage as composer/ pianist in his project with video-images by Hans Op de Beeck “NOCTURNES”. Apart from his composing, he teaches workshops for more then 15 years now at the Dutch artschool HKU-KMT in Hilversum, where future composers for film and the performing arts are trained. Also regular workshops and lectures at Rits, Narafi and SAE.


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