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Jean-Felix Lalanne, a supremely gifted guitarist, first took to the concert stage at the age of 13 . By 16 he had transposed the Nocturnes, Waltzes and Polonaises of Chopin for guitar and begun to incorporate them into his live performances, His love of all guitar based music led him to explore many styles of playing and by his early 20's had already performed and recorded with such luminaries as Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Larry Corryel, Marcel Dadi, John Mac Laughin and many others. At the same time he was studying orchestration and this, coupled with his innate curiosity of the recording process, lead him to the role of producer, arranger and film composer. His music for film has won him 2 nominations for “Victoires de la Musique” (“Victors of Music”), for the original scores for the films “Le Passage” (“The Passage”) with Alain Delon, and more recently “Dédales” (“Labyrinths”) by René Manzor. Lalanne is a true musical chameleon constantly using his many musical talents to build bridges between different forms of music. In turn: orchestral conductor, musician, composer, writer, arranger, and producer, he is one of the most talented guitarists of his generation, and also one of the most prolific. To date he has recorded over than 30 albums. He is the creator of the successfull concept « Autour de la guitare »

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