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Natalia Vergara is a singer songwriter producer artist from Spain . · Singer songwriter : § “ De Venus Amarte” album. 2016. § “Ama lo Que Mamas” album. 2008. Warner Music Spain. AWARDS: o Nº18 digital sales in Spain with " Hoy Me faltas tú" original Soundtrack of the TV series : “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso” , top soap opera in Spain and Latin America ,Tele 5 Tv . o 2008. TVE . Eurovision Spanish Finalist and Winner of the BUIUIC Contest, Belgrado One Ilusion One Song with " Me Encanta Bailar". o 2008.Top artist in 40 Principales magazin, main music radio in Spain. o 2008.Top artist visits in My Space. o 2008. Finalist of the Music Video Contest of Peñíscola Cinema Festival with “Miedo”. · Publishing deal with Warner Chappell Spain and Televisa México. Marketing at “The Orchard”. Music and video musical distribution. London. · Owner, Producer and Director of “Señoritas On Fire” the only collective of female composers in the World. Board of Directors Member of AMA ( Autores de Música Asociados) (Spanish Society of Composers) linked to APCOE. Member of the Gender Group in ECSA ( European composers Alliance) A professionally trained actress, she studied musical theatre, enjoying a successful career on stage in “Hoy no Me Puedo Levantar”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “A Chorus Line” and “The Sound of Music” and spanish Tv . Whilst collaborating on the official soundtrack to numerous films including Disney’s “Enchanted” and “The Emperor’s New Groove”, she sang alongside a wealth of renowned entertainers, including Boy George, Isabel Pantoja , Tito Duarte, Medina Azahara, Juan Pablo Manzanero, Juan Solo and Juan Carlos Calderón.

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