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Palencia, Spain 1989. Composer freelance and composer in Three Columns Entertainment (Contracorriente Producciones) He begins his musical studies with 7 years at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Palencia. In 2007 gets the title of high school and in 2010 finish his studies of teacher specialist in music education at the University of Valladolid. He studied clarinet with Nepthali González García and Harmony and fundamentals of composition with Carlos J. Feijoó. Completed studies with Fco. Javier Torres (teacher of analysis, harmony and composition at the Professional Conservatory of Valladolid). Gets the professional title of music in 2013. He currently combines his studies of composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Madrid, where he receives clases of composition with Teresa Catalan, Enrique Igoa, Enrique Rueda, or Eduardo Armenteros, with his work as a composer in the film producer Contracorriente Producciones SLU (Three Columns Entertaiment) where he is accumulating a lot of experience in the area of audiovisual music (film, documentary, spot, short-film...) He has composed a lot of works, beign recently the most important the music for the audiovisual for “Las Edades del Hombre” 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions. Recently was released in Aarhus (Denmark) his piece for piano “Til Diana” He has recently been speaker at the International Film Festival of Ciudad Rodrigo and at the University of Valladolid where he speaks about soundtracks. He has coursed several courses of technique applied to the clarinet with teachers such as Miguel V. Mirror and Carmelo Molina. He has also coursed courses of conducting, with teachers such as Maite Oca, Xabier Sarasola, Albert Alcaráz, Johan Dujick, Martin Smitz and Philip Lawson. Participated in the IV International Music Course of Xátiva, as an active student in the specialty of film music being professor Oscar Navarro, with whom he studied the I Annual Course of film scoring. And he now receives custom classes periodically. Course The XII Film Scoring Workshop, by the SGAE and that could complete their training with high-level professionals of the national and international panorama, carrying out the development of several shorts. He was a member of the Chorus Bella Desconocida, as a baritone, forming part of the Board of Directors. He formed part of the template of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Valladolid, also taking in this grouping, a position of responsibility in the Cabildo of Government. Also occupied until 2013 the post of 1 clarinet in the professional orchestra Valldolid Ensemble (Philharmonic Orchestra of Valladolid). Its most important project until the time was commissioned for the World Youth Day in 2011, a mass international young for orchestra and choir "Today and always, Lord". Organized for the first time to 70 volunteers (between orchestra and choir) for which he composed 50 min of music, destined to a grouping classic-pop (ropes, winds, electric guitars, keyboards, choir, soloists...). It was so successful that the Deputation of Palencia along with the Diocese, financed a CD to give to the hundreds of young pilgrims who attended its premiere. Subsequently, was driven again this composition to perform a charity concert in favor of Food Bank of Palencia.

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Film Music, Modern Classical (XX-XXI Centuries), Classic Music, Jazz, Pop Rock, etc.

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Leaniz Music


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