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Pierre-André ATHANÉ was born in Angers where he studied piano at the Conservatoire before moving to Paris. He has a keen interest in harmony, orchestration, theatre, performance - and composition, for which he is best known. His melodic, sensitive, and sometimes nostalgic, music is often heard on stage, radio and television. His best known soundtracks include the French television series Thalassa «Colours of the Sea », the film « Adèle and Kamel » by Vincent Monnet. He also created the strings orchestration for the feature film « Augustin roi du kung fu» by Anne Fontaine. He has also written a substantial body of « library music » and featured on numerous joint productions. These projects have led to his music being used in advertisements, films, video games or television productions all over the world. In addition to his music for film and television, Pierre-André has written compositions for orchestra and chamber orchestra, which are regularly heard in concert (like his 1rst quartet played by PRIMA VISTA) and he has five musicals to his name, which have featured on stages in Europe and Canada. He is also a songwriter and a guitarist. He is the president of SNAC (French union of authors)

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Classical music, fIlm music, french songs, pop-rock songs, jazz etc.

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