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COMPOSER | PIANO PLAYER | MUSICAL DIRECTOR | The composer and piano player, located in Bremen City, has been performing since 1988 with several live bands in appearance. In addition to his theater and film compositions, he is known to the German public, as a pianist with versatility, expressiveness and stylistic accuracy. As head of the music program and concert situations, Peter Friemer worked for several companies in northern Germany (such as:German Telekom, Mercedes Brenz AG, SWB Enordia, Sparkasse Bremen and awards of the Bremen Senate, Tui Special Tours, musical eulogy for the actress Tilda Swinton.) Artist Management, composer, pianist, in music performance and musical director on behalf of various State and City Theater in Germany (for example: Bremen, Darmstadt, Münster, Braunschweig, Heidelberg, Oberhausen, Karlsruhe, Kassel). Composer of film music including several for the Czech Television in Prague. Pianistic activities in Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, France, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam.

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