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The focus of composer Pieter Schuermans is on dealing with the organisation of time in music. His artistic research into large-scale entities that are on the tipping point of perception and structure inspires his composition practice. The idea is that these strategies can push the boundaries of assimilating complexity in music. Therefor, it is not the challenge of creating complex music in itself, but all the more, it's the search for complexity in music that can only be as fascinating as far as one can uncover and is able to fully perceive the multiple layering and texturing. Multidisciplinary is another point of interest in his artistic praxis. He was internationally selected to take part in the course of Creative Dance Artists Trust in Wakefield in the UK, where 8 choreographers and 8 composers collaborated under the direction of Kevin Volans and Jonathan Burrows. His interactive creation Looking Through Eardrums with dance, juggling and music had over 100 performances on stages and festivals across Europe (o.a. Hallen van Schaarbeek, Festival van Vlaanderen in Brussel, Bozar), Parijs (Centre Wallonie- Bruxelles), Wenen (Concerthouse, Neuer Saal), Brescia (Festa del Circo Contemporaneo), Leipzig (Euroscene), Zweden (o.a. New Earports conference in Helsingborg, Umea, Lulea, Stockholm), ... Pieter Schuermans's career as a conductor has brought him to many places as well, among them the Oriental Arts Center in Shanghai where he conducted some symphonic concerts. Pieter Schuermans is coordinator and head of composition, researcher and professor in LUCA School of Arts campus Lemmens in Leuven, Belgium. As vice-president of ComAV, an association that represents most of Flemish composers, he contributes to lots of projects that stimulate both the creation and performance of music of a wide range of composers and styles.


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