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Composer, Songwriter and Orchestra Conductor.

Soundtrack Designer, Film Score (Orchestral, Cinematique, Score for Concert & Big Bands, Pop, Jazz and Classical Music.

Professional activity as a musician since 1995 collaborating with various national and international artists and musical formations; pianist and keyboardist in various tours, collaborations in numerous television broadcasts sharing the stage with bands and artists in the international arena.

The recording activity began in 1998 as a musician in the field of Productions for numerous Labels and Record Companies to concentrate his main activity as Producer and Artistic Director of the JCP label and B.I.G. Music for the arrangement, composition and record production activities in the name of Universal Music, Studiotrack, OneWayRecord, Sony Music, Buena Suerte, Eurozeta, Silvius, Sample, R.T.I. Music, Mediaset, Rai Trade, RAI, Universal MCA Music Italy, Warner Chappell, Plaza Major Ltd ...

Particularly active in the field of Cinematography, as a composer, artistic producer and arranger of soundtracks for feature films, short films and documentary films for both cinema and television; also in the sector of theme parks and international amusement parks, the world of Circus (modern and traditional), Musicals and Shows for the Theater (over 1200 productions have been published in about 25 years).
There are many productions, collaborations, projects, soundtracks and arrangements, including artists such as Morris Albert, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Silvia Mezzanotte, Ronnie Jones, Simona Molinari, Eduardo Cespedes, Familia Loca, Amy Charles, Gigi D ' Agostino, Michel Soulful, FPI Projects, The Crowsroads, Esther Oluloro, Petra Magoni, Victor Daniel, Joaquin Yglesias, Tinkara, Joe T Vannelli, Erminio Sinni, Federico Van Stegeren "The Flying Dutchman", Iskra Menarini, Fernando Sosa, Milk & Coffee, Charles Goodger and FunSongs, Moses, Pooh, Eleuteria Arena, Luisa Corna, Pietro Ghislandi, Harold James, Mario Biondi ...

14 Film Score, over 1200 Songs repertoired and published, over 70 Soundtracks synced to movies.

The works of the represented labels have been published by: Universal / MCA Music Italy; Sony Music Entertainment; Dance Pool; Universal Records; PolyGram; Warner Chappell Music; Discomagic; Media Records; Next Plateau Records Inc; RCA; BMG Ariola; NumarUn; Whole Records; Top Records; Flying Records; Dance Rhythm Records; Alfamusic; Launch Music; E’viva Records; Media Records Benelux; Baby Records; TLO Records; Beat Box Sweden; Ariola Eurodisc GmbH; Meet Records; Vedette Records; Soul Xpression; Records One; Warner Chappell USA; Dig IT International; Town Music GmbH; Mc Harmony; One Way Records; Do It Yourself; Noise Maker; Media Records Germany; Silvius; Rai Trade; Buena Suerte; R.T.I. Music Spa / Mediaset; RAICOM; Eurozeta; Plaza Major Ltd; Ed. San Paolo; Smilax Publishing; Musivida Publishing; Star Music USA; Busy Production; Fonx Emotion.

Professor of Composition and Music for Film at the Laboratory of Cinematographic Art in Rome,
SIAE Author Member since 1998, member of UNCLA (National Union of Composers, Librettists and Authors) (IT),
member of ACMF (Association of Music for Film Composers) (IT), Producer and Artistic Director of JCP Sound Factory (IT), Artistic Director of FONX EMOTION (IT) and T4F (UK).

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Film Score, Orchestral, Jazz, Pop, Classical

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Richy Rossini


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