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Composer, Music Artist, Pianist. Music by Rupert Huber is organized structures, sounds and tones for multiple known and unknown real spaces: Dimensional Music. TOSCA is Rupert Huber and Richard Dorfmeister . Originally friends from school, the duo produced 16 albums so far. Rupert Huber ́s spatial and installation work focuses on the sonic communication in space. His music integrates the sonification of data such as airplane flight status or people walking on a bridge, as well as untouched nature and includes piano concerts, telematic performances, radio and music for film. Huber’s written music explores the architecture of sound by describing a process and a space. He connects this approach of generating scores to his technique of creating objects (paintings, sculptures), distilling the essence of written music into tangible form. " My music is space. It projects a sonic space into a real space. This is how it is with all my music." " Music comes into being and dies away. Birth and death define a sound or tone. Sound is like breathing in and out- a sign of life"

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