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Formed as a classical pianist she performed 20 and 21th century and contemporary music with a few Belgian musical ensembles such as Bureau des Pianistes ( with members of Ictus ensemble) and in duo with Marianne Pousseur. She started composing for music ensembles ( Ictus, QO2, Spectra, Minguet Quartet..)./theater (with ao Simonne Moesen (Walpurgis) and Guy Dermul (KVS) /dance/film projects and created her own musical language in between contemporary music/jazz/ethnic music/pop . She was leader of several musical projects with her compositions: The contemporary jazz sextet "White Wine Dark Grapes", music theater "Waves" with company "La Dea" and now "princess4president". She has a lot of experiences as a teacher (piano, improvisation, composition) and coach. She was teaching musical analysis in Parts (dance school directed by A.T De Keersmaeker) For the projects 'VSPRS" and "Pitié"of Alain Platel/ Fabrizio Cassol, she was repetitor and assistent.

Favourite Music:

all good music: touching, organic, deep , dancing ancient, contemporary, of different cultures


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